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Status last updated on:8:36 AM July 24, 2014

(Mick Ryder afternoons on the Most Music KISR 93!)
..I still got it...I think...
...Staring down the barrel of the Big Five O, I had been feeling lately that I had lost all the appeal and charm I used to have with the opposite sex, until today that is.
At my local gas station, the pretty young girl who has waited me every other day or so for several weeks asked for my number. I was taken aback!
I explained how I was flattered but was perhaps a bit too old and married for her and that if I were 25 or so years younger I would happily consider her offer.
I also explained how love and sexual attraction, when intertwined, can be exciting and asked that she save her love for someone who will truly care for her and respect her not only as a woman, but as a person...
"No," she said. "Your pump number, sir."...

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